York Semi-Permanent Brows / Microblading

My Qualifications

I recently qualified in Semi-Permanent/Microblading brows & I am really enjoying repairing & enhancing natural brows by inserting hair strokes & shading too.

I can’t tell you enough of how important it is to have beautiful brows – when measured properly it instantly gives you a face/eye lift & it’s right – they frame your face!

Every client is different in their final look for their brows, most clients just want their own natural brows to look fuller by applying more natural hair strokes. Sometimes they may have patches of hair that have never grown, creating a bald patch. This is where Semi-Permanent/Microblading comes in perfectly to fill those bald patches with natural hair strokes.

You can also have powdered/shaded brows – perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to pencil their brows in anymore or doesn’t have any brow hair at all! Brows don’t have to be thick they can be how thick/thin your natural brows are.

I find a lot of my clients are scared by the dark, thick, perfectly measured block brows…I am too!!  I much prefer to create a more natural brow, however, I do have clients who want a fuller dark powdered brow so they don’t have to fill in with powder every day (normally my younger clients) but I would advise that you enhance your natural brows.

When looking through my brow gallery you will see some dark brows but they will fade down to a lovely natural colour.

The procedure includes a full consultation at your first appointment with brow measurement & outline/hair strokes drawings in pencil. The procedure will not go ahead unless we are both happy with the measurements/drawings.

The semi permanent pigment application will then follow with either brows strokes with the microblade or machine hair strokes/powdering.
(Powdered brows are a light application of one natural shade of colour). I will recommend which will be best for you & also what colour pigment will suit you.

I have various pigment colours to choose from & they are all semi permanent pigments rather than tattoo ink which can be permanent. The semi permanent pigments are only applied to the top layer of the dermis (Skin).

The procedure can normally last up to 3 hours & I will be applying numbing cream to ease any discomfort. Most of my clients are surprised that there is no pain (but everyone’s pain threshold is different). The most frequent comment I hear from my clients is ‘wish I’d had my brows done years ago – I don’t know why I was so worried’.

Full after care advice will be given on the day & I will normally text you to check you are managing with your new brows.

The second appointment is your top up appointment- normally 6 weeks to make your brows more semi permanent & to last up to 1 year (or more). At this appointment I can make alterations & more pigment is implanted into the original hair strokes/powdering that was made in the first application.

Patch testing is required for this procedure.

Price £250 which includes the two applications.

Top up of brows £75 (for existing & non existing brow clients).